Women's engagement rings
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Aviant is an exquisite and well known brand for jewellery, especially stunningly beautiful Engagement Diamond Rings for women, competing well with big expensive brands like Cartier, Swarovski etc.

Aviant jewelers are highly innovative and adept in this Art, with avant-garde ideas, using Best Quality Zirconia, for fabrication of substitute Diamonds, easily affordable by common people and all.

The shine and radiance of the Aviant rings is unbeaten thus making them popular choice for more and more women and people.

Why buy from Aviant Jewelers?

- We make our rings heavier than traditional Zirconia rings to make them feel expensive and Real Diamond rings

- We use the best available Zirconia available with the best available cut to make our ring shine as brilliant as a real Diamond

- Our rings comes in a beautiful luxury leather box

- We provide Lifetime warranty with all of our rings

For the woman you care about

- Use as an Engagement ring, Wedding ring, Anniversary ring

- It can also be given as a gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas and Anniversary

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