Electric Utility Analyst (Comp
CITY OF REDDING invites applications for the position of: Electric Utility Analyst (Compliance) SALARY: $5,677.00 - $7,989.00 Monthly OPENING DATE: 08/20/19 CLOSING DATE: 09/18/19 11:59 PM DESCRIPTION: The City of Redding Electric Utility (REU) Resources Division has an immediate opening for Electric Utility Analyst and is establishing a list for future vacancies. This position reports to the Electric Program Supervisor – Compliance and will assist in the development, administration, and compliance with the following: North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) reliability standards; mandatory greenhouse gas reporting; market-based greenhouse gas regulatory compliance programs (California cap-and-trade); renewable reporting and internal compliance programs. Desired skills and abilities for this position are: knowledge of electric system transmission and distribution systems; electric power generation; NERC reliability standards; greenhouse gas reporting requirements; California Cap-and-Trade and renewable energy regulations; regulatory compliance and internal controls programs; research, interpretation, and communication of applicable regulations; and ability to collaborate and coordinate with staff and regulatory agencies on compliance matters. EXAMPLES OF DUTIES: Verify quantities and price of wholesale purchases, sales, and interchanges with counterparties; resolve discrepancies that may occur in records of transacting parties; work with trading and scheduling staff to understand and implement power scheduling practices, procedures, and related activities; communicate with representatives of other utilities and companies regularly to provide and verify information related to wholesale transactions and delivery; resolve discrepancies as required; prepare statistical reports as required by staff and regulatory bodies; regularly review actual interchange results based on interconnection metering data; resolve discrepancies between scheduled and actual interchange quantities as required; as required, provide assistance to auditors engaged in reviewing records of purchases, sales, and interchanges of energy, capacity, power, fuel, and rights to purchase, sell, or exchange energy, capacity, power, and fuel; review and verify the accuracy o