DCS Technician Maintenance

Field Safety/Emergency Respons

Field Safety/Emergency Response Specialist Job Description: CF Industries is a global leader in transforming natural gas into nitrogen. The chemical processes we use ensure we have the nitrogen we need to support life on earth - from fertilizer that feeds the crops that feed the world to products that remove harmful emissions from industrial activities. Through our nine world-class manufacturing complexes and best-in-class distribution system, we serve agricultural and industrial customers. We invite you to be a part of our nearly 3,000 employees making a difference every day. Job Summary: The Field Safety Technician is responsible for ensuring that employees have the skills, knowledge and training to effectively implement the corporate and facility EHS policies. Planning, coordinating, communicating, and controlling are major re¬sponsibilities of this position. This position will work directly with the maintenance and production technicians upwards of 90% in efforts to bolster effective safety programs and strive for a culture of safety excellence. This position develops and facilitates EHS/ERT Training to all staff within the facility. This position is responsible for overseeing and contributing to the site's Emergency Response Preparedness Plan and personnel. Key Job Elements: 1. Have the creativity and ability to modify cultures or mind sets to improve safety performance. 2. Participates in site audits and works with plant personnel to help address any deficiencies. 3. Facilitates the coordination and delivery of safety meetings, safety tours and safety trainings. 4. Assist in the implementation of new safety related programs. 5. Monitors daily plant activities to assist with questions or concerns. 6. Training others on procedures and periodically audit for compliance. 7. Fosters discussion and feedback from site operational teams on possible new safety programs or initiatives. 8. Hold morning safety discussions with plant personnel to discuss various safety topics. 9. Is involved in daily Job Hazard Analysis of high risk activities to help ensure safety issues are addressed. 10. Work with site leadership in the development of effective Safety Training Programs. 11. Participate in incident investigations to identify root