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Director, Alumni Relations and

The purpose of Development and Institute Relations (DIR) is to foster a thriving and engaged community of support for Caltech. By connecting the people who share and support Caltech's mission and values, they ensure the Institute receives the necessary resources to achieve Caltech's aspirations and sustain its excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship in perpetuity. DIR team members embrace and uphold the values of diversity, integrity, respect, focus, and pride. This position fulfills two roles as the chief alumni relations officer for Caltech: Director of Alumni Relations, reporting to the Assistant Vice President for Engagement and Annual Programs. This position lies within the DIR team. Executive Director of the Caltech Alumni Association (the CAA, a separate 501(c)(3) organization that supports Caltech) at the direction of the CAA Board The Director is integral to Caltech's efforts to enrich the lives and opportunities of its alumni. Accordingly, Caltech desires to establish lifelong relationships with its alumni, promote interaction with and among alumni, highlight the achievements of its alumni, and provide alumni with rewarding opportunities to connect with Caltech's Alumni community and engage with the Institute. The Director serves as an ambassador for both the Institute and the CAA, with a goal to make lifelong engagement with alumni the norm for the Institute as a whole. Caltech and the CAA partner to create a culture that champions the critical importance of alumni to the Institute's future and celebrates the diverse impact of alumni for the good of society. Success in this position would have Caltech's overall lifelong alumni experience be on par with its academic reputation, its scientific achievements, the strength of its community, and its level of financial support. Job Duties Leadership and Management: Develop and implement effective and strategic alumni relations programs and communications that strengthen relationships with and among alumni to increases their interest and engagement. Drive alumni relations as an Institute-wide responsibility for strategically supporting and coordinating engagement for all alumni and constituents. Develop and maintain collaborative and supportive relationships with key offices acr