Production Supervisor Nights
Position Summary: Supervises production operations according to established priorities and schedules. Manages production staff to attain production and quality goals. Identifies problems or bottlenecks in production processes and resolves issues. Ensures production resources including materials, equipment, and human resources are available as needed to maintain production schedules. Can oversee multiple lines, flexible hours and travel at time for training/development. Involvement in TMOS (TreeHouse Management Operating Structure) and continuous improvement activities and teams. Position Responsibilities: Educate and monitor all safety rules, policies, and activities. Manufacture products that are safe for human consumption and meet the customer expectations via quality specification control measurements. Maintain Good Manufacturing Practices Standards Guide compliance to company rules, policies & procedures to ensure a safe & fair working environment. Provide support to the daily activities of the manufacturing equipment and hourly employees. Guide employees on continuous improvement initiatives through line leadership. Ensure operation of manufacturing lines will meet performance standards for each work center and product. Critically monitor and review the daily line performance and make improvements or adjustments as needed. Provide an open working environment that promotes development and positive recognition. Provides training for personnel. Communicate effectively with line personnel and management holding line meetings/training classes as required. Maintain staffing to meet line standard staffing levels. Ensure all daily manufacturing documents are completed and are accurate. Update operation manuals as changes occur (job descriptions, training checklists, equipment operations, cleaning procedures, JHAs and JSAs). Administer disciplinary action in partnership with Human Resources to employees who have violated company rules, procedures, and policies or have poor performance. Maintain an adequate supply of operational tools and supplies. Monitor day to day unit activities and resources across shifts to meet and/or maintain safety, quality, cost, service and employee morale objectives. Develop short and long-term plans to provide continuous impro