Bus Driver
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS : Drives school bus or transportation vehicle over assigned route in accordance with time schedule. Boards and discharges student passengers in a safe and orderly manner. Transports students, staff, and chaperones on field trips, athletic activities, and other special trips. Enforces District policies and procedures related to transportation and maintains discipline on buses. Prepares student discipline reports as needed. Prepares daily reports of mileage, time, and student loads. Maintains bus cleanliness on a daily basis, including washing, as needed. Performs minor bus maintenance checks and reports maintenance needs. Renders first aid or emergency assistance as needed. Refers when buses need gas and oil and checks tires, battery, and belts. Maintains good order among students on buses, following District policies regarding discipline of children and contact with parents and other citizens. Instructs students and others on proper bus behavior and emergency procedures. During times buses are not in use, may be assigned to general maintenance and cleanup activities. Ensures compliance with applicable provisions of state motor vehicle code and education code, as related to bus driving and transporting students. Only minimum duties are listed. Other functions may be required as given or assigned. DESIRED MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS : Work history demonstrating dependability and reliability; good driving record; high school diploma or equivalent; or any combination of training and experience likely to provide the desired knowledge and abilities. Possession or in the process of receiving a valid Montana commercial driver's license, (w/school bus, passenger, air breaks) accompanied by satisfactory medical examination report. Holds valid basic First Aid certificate. Holds valid TR-35 Form. Knowledge of safe driving practices. Knowledge of geography of the School District and other districts served. Operate school bus, exercising good judgment and extreme caution. Drive school bus safely over variety of normal and hazardous road conditions. Maintain order among students on a bus. Learn designated bus route, bus stops, and District traffic hazards. Make route reports. Keep simple records. Understand and c