Impact of Sample Learning Cont en New York

What is a learning contract and how it can help a student with learning disabilities succeed in school. Included is a sample learning contract.

A learning contract can provide a student with ADD, ADHD or other learning disabilities with a written checklist of required subject matter/content necessary to pass a class. Using learning contracts is one way for teachers to effectively differentiate instruction in the regular classroom. But just how does a teacher create a learning contract? What goes into a learning contract? The best contracts are those that are created in a collaborative way with the student.

How to Make a Learning Contract for a Student with Learning Disabilities

The best way to make a learning contract is to come up with classroom content goals and then work with the student on ways to achieve those goals. These broad goals can then be broken down into assignments and projects whose completion will be required in order to motivate a student with learning disabilities into successfully learning the subject matter. Assignments should highlight a student’s learning style and strengths.

For example, if a teacher will be teaching her students about Native Americans, a contract can be written that lists each region of Native Americans (content/learning goals), and how the student will learn about each region (student plans including reading assignments, Internet research, projects), the amount of time that will be spent on each region (due dates), and finally a way for the teacher to determine if these goals have been adequately met (evaluation/sign-off).