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My name is Adrián Cepeda. working in foreign trade, from Argentina I have a very wide range of food products, direct from the producer (with the best price and quality). What I am looking for is an entrepreneur who is related to the import of food, in addition to having a warehouse where customers can buy the products.I have this range of foods to supply the business;wheat flour, corn flour, meats of various kinds, legumes, fresh and dried vegetables, wine, vegetables, liqueurs, cookies, oils of various kinds, dry pasta, preserves, honey, fruit juice, sugar cane, dairy.All these products are of high quality. Because of the difference in value in the currencies between "dollar & peso", this business that I propose is very profitable.If you are interested we will talk about it in detail, to reach a business of mutual benefits, I leave you cordial greetings.

Casilda, Santa Fe, Argentina
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+54 9 3464 69-7099
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