State of Our Youth A Stockton en Stockton
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The Nonprofit Social Justice All Star Collaborative and the San Joaquin County Youth Council will proudly announce their Youth Manifesto, a collective groundbreaking pledge towards equity and resilience for our area's youth.

Voices of the Community will be producing and streaming a live radio show with KWDC 93.5 FM, featuring Youth Leaders as well as the fellow Stocktonians featured in the radio documentary "From Bankruptcy to Reinvention The City of Stockton" who will share their stories as well as how they are continuing to work with fellow community members to reinvent Stockton.

To get even more background on the Town Hall event, we hope that you will listen to the radio documentary "From Bankruptcy to Reinvention The City of Stockton" before you come to our State of our Youth Town Hall meetup. Our radio partner KWDC will be broadcasting the 12 part radio documentary from May 13 to May 24. Each night at 5pm you will hear community leaders and members who share their stories on how they are working together to reinvent Stockton. You can tune in at KWDC 93.5 FM, or stream the show at or listen on your phone through the RadioFX app.

Artists / Speakers: Mayor Michael Tubbs, Sammy Nunez / Fathers and Families / Fred Sheil / STAND / Lange Luntao / Dillon Delvo/Little Manila / Jasmine Dellafosse / Tama Brisbane / Brandon Leake

Date and Time: 25th May 2019 at 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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