Attorney Advisor
The Office of the General Counsel (GC) provides legal advice, counsel, and services to the Agency and its officials and ensures that USAID programs are administered in accordance with legislative authorities and legal requirements. GC serves as the Agency's chief legal officer and is the principal advisor to the USAID Administrator on Agency-wide legal and policy matters. GC also advises on legal matters concerning the operation and administration of USAID programs, and on matters relating to legislation or proposed legislation affecting USAID. As an Attorney Advisor , your duties will include the following: Providing legal advice and guidance to the Bureau for Legislative and Public Affairs (LPA), Bureau for Management, Offices of Management, Policy, Budget, and Performance (M/MPBP) and Chief Financial Officer (M/CFO); Bureau for Foreign Assistance (FA); Bureau for Policy, Planning, and Learning (PPL); and the Office of Budget and Resource Management (BRM); to include successor bureaus and offices of those listed above; Providing overall legal advice and guidance to the above-listed operating units and other Agency offices, bureaus, and missions relating to the functions and work of such offices, including, but not limited to legislation and legislative strategy, foreign assistance policy, fiscal and budgetary matters, appropriation and apportionment of funds, transfers and allocations of funds between accounts and agencies, reporting requirements, and other administrative law matters; Interpreting and providing advice concerning the following: the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 (FAA), as amended; annual appropriations acts; other applicable legislation; applicable court and administrative decisions and government regulations, Executive Orders, and USAID policy and guidance; Responding to Congressional, Government Accountability Office, Office of the Inspector General, and public inquiries related to assigned areas of responsibility; Responding to inquiries and assignments from members of GC and field-based Resident Legal Officers (RLOs); and Maintaining working relationships with other U.S. Government agencies and Congress. United States Citizenship is required. Relevant experience (see Qualifications below). Must be able to obt