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Display your ad before competitors in our listings
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Increase Your Exposure Our listing pages show the newest ads, but with Brinka your ads jump up above your competitors.
Here's how Brinka works
Each point is only 25 cents
In order to be able to bump up your ad, you must purchase points. Log in to your account and select the ad and frequency for each jump. Then, sit back and watch as your ad moves to the top of the listings.
It’s that easy!
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What is Brinka?
Brinka is a service that jumps you ad to the top of the ad listing in the category where you ad is located.

How does Brinka work?
To use Brinka, all you have to do is purchase points and set up the frequency. After that, Brinka does all the work for you, jumping your ad above your competitors. Brinka does not guarantee how long your ad will stay at the top of the listing for. Your ad will continue to move down as more ads come in, but will jump back up as scheduled. In the event there are no ads coming, your ad will stay on top and points will not be deducted.

How often will my ad jump?
The Brinka service is determined by the number of points available in your account along with the frequency you selected your ad to jump. The number of points varies by category and it is noted in the area where you select the frequency. The Brinka service can jump your ad every hour, 2 hours, 6 hours or 24 hours. Brinka service shuts off nightly from 10pm to 5:59am PST so your points are not discounted during that time.

How can I buy more points?
You can purchase more Brinka points by logging in to your account in ElClasificado.com

I already purchased points, how do I set up the frequency?
Once your account has points, you can schedule the ad for jumping by logging in to your account in ElClasificado.com, selecting the ad, and then selecting the frequency from the drop down list.

How do I know how many points I have left?
To know how many points you have left, log in to your ElClasificado.com account. Point balance is displayed on the top of your screen. If you don’t have enough points, the button to purchase more points is located right next to the point balance.

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