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Candies are the most delicious and appetizing products that are favorite for everyone. But the choices differ from person to person. Some want to eat caramel candies, and few eat low sugar candies. On this subject, project 7 is one of the leading brands that offer the delectable and luscious candies for their customers. Add to this; they understand that every person likes a distinct flavor. So, we offer low sugar gummy bears, keto-friendly candy, low carb candy, gummy bear, etc. Such candies are made according to the expectation of various peoples as per their needs. We offer the organic candies for our target audience that are never harmful to your health. Our business is located in the beach community San Clemente in California. And our mission is to promote human welfare by donating 10% of the profits each year. As the name shows, they want to solve seven issues that are globally faced by the people. These goals consist of saving the earth, providing a home to homeless people, arrange feed for hungry people, heal the sick, and teach them all with quality, hope for peace and quench the thirsty. Also, we introduce unique and tasteful flavors for our clients. We introduce chewing and candies that are award-winning for their scrumptious taste. Such amazing and awesome flavors win the heart of people. We deal with 20K retails for supplying the bulk amount of candies and chews according to their requirements. Such things make our brand big candies and chew suppliers in the state. So, if you want to know more information about our projects and flavors, then visit our website.


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