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  • 3400 Radio Rd Suite 109, Naples, FL 34104, USA
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My Florida Green is helping qualified patients in Naples, Florida to obtain their Florida Medical Marijuana Card by offering a secure and efficient process. We give our Naples patients access to a state-wide network of experienced Medical Marijuana physicians while protecting their privacy and maintaining HIPAA-compliant health records. If you are in Naples and want to make an appointment with a qualified Marijuana physician to start the process of your Medical Marijuana Card, then My Florida Green is your first stop! We are one of the most established centers in Naples, Florida, helping patients navigate the uncertainty and stigma surrounding Marijuana use. We are assisting thousands to get the most from the Florida Medical Marijuana Program by giving them access to the latest Marijuana research, educating, them and addressing their apprehensions. We are empowering them to change their life, while we offer unwavering support in their journey".

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