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Throughout my childhood, I experienced many situations in which I can describe as negative emotions, strange sensations in my body, physical pains that appeared in a minute and disappeared without explanation. All these situations started from 10 years of age as I remember!! Knowing that not all people went through these same circumstances, I began to investigate and discovered that I am an empathic person by nature, that being in contact with other people, I absorbed all the negative things from people without thinking. But with all these discomforts that I felt, there was something incredible that had happened, the person being in close contact with my energy field, the intensity of their discomfort disappeared or decreased. Since then, I have followed my path in this quest of this spiritual world. I have learned to recognize and perceive the energetic imbalances of the human body. Now my mission is to help others find their way and help them get rid of negative emotions, envy, negative entities, etc. Just as I did!

Now I guide others, who like me, seek the path to freedom their negative discomforts and help them obtain spiritual peace!

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