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My Profession, My Passion

I am Romain Valteau, French and an independent professional in canine education.

I had the opportunity to train Australian shepherds, Belgians whom I particularly love. But not only Sheepdogs, but also long-haired collars, Border Collis and much more...

I am passionate about dog control and training. I enjoy sharing my knowledge in a simple and fun way.

The key is to work step by step in the dog's training and not to go too fast in the learning steps. I take care of all the dog management and

I will be happy to help you, I provide different types of services:

- outdoor education; sitting, lying, and walking at the foot, this is what I am regularly asked to do with the dog so that it is automatic.

- indoor education; be clean, avoid getting on the sofa, deny access to a room mainly.

- sports education; fast walking, running, running.

-I propose to manage your home and your dog in your absence.

I prefer to focus on these skills important for a puppy or adult dog to have an adult dog obeying his master perfectly. This education is essential for you to obtain a restful and relaxed family life when you return home on the evening of work exhausted.

Feel free to contact me by email at the address:
[email protected]

See you soon to discuss your projects about your dog ! :)


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