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HP Printer setup and Hp printer offline is the most common issue and many people face the same problem with the printer, today we will discuss about these topics. See, If you have any printer you need to install it to the computer by installation disk or can be easily downloaded from the internet if disk is unavailable, does not matter what brand or model you have. Once you will get the drivers than install it by following steps which will be mentioning on your computer screen. While doing that make sure your printer should be turned-on. Hp offline is a little bit different , if you will face this trouble than you have to check whether the printer is properly connected through wi-fi, wireless or wired connection or not, drivers are properly installed or not, hardware part of the printer is fine or not etc. If you still face the same problem or any issues related to printer offline, printer setup, unable to print or scan, our expert is always available for you to get your problem fixed at any point of time. You just have to call us @ 1-866-398-3328 to get your issues resolved so that they won't occur in your device again and again in future.
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