Looking to reach Spanish speaking shoppers? El Clasificado’s print and online platforms place your ads in front of purchase minded shoppers.
Since the company’s launch in 1988, El Clasificado has become the go-to resource for companies and individuals looking to sell their products and services as well as new and used goods.
El Clasificado Print
  • Reach over 1.5 million weekly readers in print,
  • Available in 297 cities throughout Southern and Central California.
  • 22,000 distribution racks saturate areas of high Hispanic volume or Latino traffic.
  • Regional circulation helps you reach the customers more likely to buy from you or your company
  • Over 2.5 million monthly visitors
  • Targeted to more than 100 US Cities, and 200 locations internationally
  • Offers enhancements to improve visibility for your ads within the site
  • What to know more? Downloand our Media Kit today or call 800-242-2527
Want to know more? Download the Media Kit now from our website or call 800-242-2527
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