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Big Bang Editing was founded by Jazz Sanchez, ELS. Early in her career as a manuscript editor, she gained a keen understanding of the problems, international science students, professors, doctors and researchers have conveying their ideas in English. She has edited for Cell Press, Macmillan Publishing and Springer Nature, and helped numerous international scientists prepare their work for publication in US and UK journals.

Big Bang Editing was founded in 2017 to meet the needs of STEM authors and publications. Since then we have expanded to editing all academic writing, nonfiction, and fiction writing. We have partnered with government organizations, peer-reviewed academic journals, nonprofit organizations, corporations and academic departments to help them clearly convey a unified message. What separates our outstanding staff of technical editors from other editing firms is they all have masters-level and PhD-level expertise in each field of specialization.

Big Bang Editing has edited over 2,000 papers (individual orders, not including our contract partnerships) with 30 staff editors. They have been rigorously screened through thorough proofreading tests and interviews. They are also chosen for their academic background, the quality of their published writings, and most importantly, their integrity.

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