Who We Serve is a free classified ads website originally launched in 1996 to serve Spanish speaking communities in California already reading El Clasificado, the multi-award winning Shopper founded in 1988 by Martha de la Torre and Joe Badame. As the Hispanic population grew throughout the U.S. and began quickly adopting digital with the advent of cell phones, expanded their free ad services to be everywhere in the U.S. that Latino communities emerged. Now serves all 50 states including the top U.S. metros and states with high Hispanic populations: Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino and Riverside Counties in California; Miami and Orlando Metros in Florida; New York and New Jersey Metros; Houston and Dallas Metros in Texas; Chicago Metro in Illinois; Atlanta – Sandy Springs Metro in Georgia and Washington DC – Arlington Metros in the Virginia Maryland region.

Strong and fast growing Latino communities in Seattle, Denver, Phoenix, and states like Iowa, Louisiana, South Dakota, South Carolina, and Tennessee are also served by the vast platform. There are over 100 U.S. Latino Markeplaces served by with over 2 million monthly visits and 25 million pageviews as of December 2017. To enable online commerce between U.S. Latinos and their friends and relatives in Latin America, has expanded its platform to also serve digital marketplaces growing in Mexico, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Ecuador and all other significant online communities that love classified advertising e-commerce opportunities.

How We Serve Latinos Better

El Clasificado was created to help connect buyers and sellers in all our diverse Hispanic communities speaking, Spanish, Castilian, English or Spanglish. We were the first online marketplace to launch a robust Fiestas section where visitors could easily find a vendor for a brincolin, mariachi, taquiza party or parillada. El Clasificado also understands how important it is to provide how to and self-help articles for Latino families who need to learn about their new culture in the U.S. That is why ElClasificado is committed to its Articulos section where families can learn to improve their health, fix their cars, finance a college education and be informed about everything that helps empower Latinos be stronger and self-sufficient members of their communities.

How to advertise in

Today, offers many advertising capabilities in more than 460 categories and more than 300 locations worldwide helping visitors find the products and services they're specifically looking for with ease. Advertising in 99% of all categories and locations is completely free while advertisers have the opportunity to increase their exposure through

  • Giving their ad Premium Placement - Ensuring that their ads stay at the top of the listings, rotating within the top three ads on the page
  • Brinka - shows ads among other listings based on how recently they were posted, brinka brings ads back to the top of the listings and ahead of the competition where more people are able to see it
  • Featured Classifieds - While most ads are primarily exposed through their listings pages, feature classifieds are given added exposure throughout the category as well as the homepage with features to help the ad stand out to users
  • Adding a background - which helps the ads standout against other listings

Placing an ad is easy. Start here

Collectively, these features, and the free ads, have helped deliver more than one million phone calls, emails, and text messages to advertisers per month, making the number one Hispanic marketplace in the world.

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    El Clasificado
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    El Clasificado
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