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We now offer free insurance on all orders ✅

Shop with confidence and Comfortability when your shopping at VERTICALBOYZ we do things that other wholesale distributors couldn’t & wouldn’t do .

We only offer free insurance on packages seized by the federal government or seized by city cops our job is too make sure the package is properly put together,smell proof and is professionally managed in that case if your city’s usps/ups worker takes your package or one of your people take it off your Porch without you knowing than we won’t be able to cover that at all if you are a consistent customer and we have gained a good relationship and trust with you then if there is a problem that falls out of our insurance rules contact us and we’ll be more than happy to cover 25% of your order

Same thing goes for us if you send money to one of our locations and for some reason our usps/ups worker takes it or something happens then you will be refunded completely and you will still have your full order sent out✅

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