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LambdaTest is Cloud-based cross browser testing platform where you can test your web applications across 2000+ different browser and operating system combinations.Users get on demand access to the browser environment of their choice to test their app for compatibility. Each environment is running on real machines with real operating systems and real browsers. At LambdaTest you can also take automated full page screenshots across all 2000+ environments to quickly test layout, check in a single click how your website will look across 36 different devices, and compare design and HTML images. In addition, LambdaTest platform also has single click integration with popular project management and enterprise tools like Jira, Asana, Trello, Github, Gitlab, BitBucket, Slack and Visual Studio Team Services. All remote browsers come pre installed with developer and debugging tools like Firebug, etc. You can easily perform browser compatibility testing with Lambdatest WordPress Plugin and LambdaTest Chrome Extension

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