Bathtubs/Vanities Reglazing
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Imagine the value of a comfortable bathtub, sink, and toilet. If you want to upgrade your old and cracking appliances. Genesis Reglazing is here to help. Our main goal is to achieve your greatest satisfaction by improving your bathrooms, kitchens or any other area. We are located in Lancaster, CA. Bathtub refinishing (reglazing) is both cost effective and the new finish can last for years, when done right and that is what we do! Call us today!
Your bathtub or sink will begin to change overtime. This is due to normal wear and tear caused by water. Water while being good for us can be very harmful to most hard surfaces. Water can corrode the outer layer of your bathtub or sink making it look cracked or chipped.
Replacing an entire sink or bathtub is an option. Even though replacing could be an issue not to mention a big hassle and big spending. Especially because the sink or bathtub may not be damaged. It's just the outer aesthetics that start to give way.
We offer you the option to reglaze your bathtub, sinks and other hard surfaces such as tile. It is far cheaper to have your bathroom or kitchen reglazed. You get the same finish that makes it look better than new!
We have professionals that have experience and will get you the exact look you want for what you want.
What can I reglaze?
Culture Marble Vanities
Cultured Marble Shower Walls
Fiberglass Shower
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